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Meet our Students and Staff

Jason Shen, Class of 2018

Jason is attending Harvard University, majoring in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology

“The nourishing environment at MontaVista helped maximize my academic learning, while allowing me to grow personally through clubs, sports and the relationships I built. My high school years were made special by amazingly supportive adults and hilariously entertaining friends. Monta Vista certainly has a reputation for being highly competitive. To most freshman, myself included, this reputation implied that MontaVista is stress inducing. Regardless of the validity of that preconceived notion, don’t let it dictate the way you experience MV. The best way to go through high school is to go through it your own way – with your own classes, sports and clubs – and develop your own feelings towards it. More likely that not, you’ll learn to love Monta Vista.”

Sylvia Lam, Guidance Counselor

Sylvia was named Monta Vista High School Certificated Employee of the Year for 2018. She has been part of the Monta Vista family since 2000.

"My favorite part of my job is making connections and building strong relationships with students. Seeing how resilient our student are and watching their growth process over the course of four years is truly gratifying.

Sara Nordby, Class of 2018

Sara is attending Baylor University, majoring in Biology with a Pre-Health emphasis

“Involvement and risk taking can turn a mediocre four years into an exceptional experience. My advice to incoming freshmen is simple: get involved. I have spent my high school years taking advantage of the incredible opportunities MontaVista has provided me. This has included field hockey, soccer, softball, track and field and leadership. Through these activities, I have striven to make the most of my time here by stepping out of my comfort zone.But I did this with confidence, knowing that I had the support of my wonderful friends, family and staff here at MVHS.”

Jennifer Giarritta, Senior Clerical Assistant

Jennifer was named the Monta Vista Classified Employee of the Year for 2018. Jennifer has been part of the Monta Vista family since 2015.

"I love that my job lets me interact with and serve all kinds of people, whether it is the public, parents, teachers, coworkers or students. Each day is always different and a surprise."

Monta Vista By The Numbers


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Athletics teams in 20 sports


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Award-winning student newspaper


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