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Verdadera is a publication created by and for Monta Vista High School students for the purpose of instigating communication concerning the reality of high school within the community. Verdadera, meaning "truthfully" in Spanish, is a bluntly honest publication that explores issues MVHS students face. It is comprised of artwork and real-life experiences submitted anonymously by MVHS students, parents, teachers, and alumni, as well as professional advice regarding the issue.

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February 2017, Drugs What non-prescription drugs are used today?
What are we trying to escape when we use drugs?
Is experimentation "worth it"?
What are impacts of long-term use?
Drug Issue
November 2016, Social Media What tools do we most use to communicate, and what are we communicating about?
How does Social Media help us feel connected?
How does Social Media help us feel alone, unsupported, and inadequate?
Social Media Issue
Fall 2016, Secrets How does it feel to learn a secret?
Is it ever OK to reveal someone else's secret?
Are secrets healthy or harmful?
Secrets Issue
Spring 2016, Sex How do students' and parents' perceptions of sex differ?
How does a psychologist recommend parents talk to their kids about sex?
How does the media influence our perceptions about sex?
Is virginity important?
November 2016, Where do we come from? How has immigration touched you, in light of the recent refugee crisis or direct or indirect memories of immigration in your community?
What do we do to try to assimilate into the cultures we find ourselves in?
What are the strains and blessings of being a transplant to a new place?
Where do we come from?
November 2015, Master Schedules and Sleep Does MV's start time need to be pushed an hour later?
What can help us get enough sleep?
Are we overscheduled?
How can the Pomodoro Technique help me with work efficiency?
Master Schedules and Sleep
October 2015, Dress Code What is MV's Dress Code?
What do we promote or stifle when we regulate dress?
If you could build your own dress code, what would it include/exclude?
Dress Code
September 2015, Competition Culture Does MV's Culture need to change?
What is healthy competition?
How do tutors, counselors, and teachers help and hurt?
How can I change the culture around me?
Competition Culture
March 2014, Teacher Relationships How has my teacher impacted my life?
What kind of presence do I have in my teacher’s class?
What kind of perception do I have of my teacher? How do I think he/she perceives me?
What do I do if I think my teacher and I are having misunderstandings? How do I fix it?
Teacher Relationships
February 2014, Cyberbullying What are the consequences of our actions when we put things online?
Should teenagers have social media websites such as ask.fm?
What should you do as a victim of cyberbullying?
November 2013, Freaking How does freaking affect the dynamics between students?
What role, if any, does the administration play deciding freaking policies?
What are your personal limitations, and how can you assert them?
September 2013, Encouragement What is encouragement?
How do we encourage someone?
What effect does encouragement have on us? How does it influence our choices?
August 2013, School Spirit What is the purpose of school spirit?
Are there other forms of showing school spirit beyond attending school-hosted events?
Can competitive school spirit still be healthy?
School Spirit
April 2012, Sexual Identity What does sexual identity mean to you?
Do you judge people based on their sexual identity?
Do you feel a need to have the same views on sexual identity as those around you?
Sexual Identity
March 2012, Influence Who or what influences you the most? Is it a healthy influence?
Do you have an influence on others?
How have people and events shaped who you are?
February 2012, Betrayal Have you ever betrayed someone? What caused you to do so?
How do you act towards someone that has betrayed you?
As a parent, how can you support your child when they lose trust in a friend?
January 2012, Purpose What motivates you? What are you passionate about?
Why do students feel pressured to determine what they're going to do in life?
What is the purpose of life?
December 2011, Academic Stress Why do students feel pressured to succeed? What is success?
As a parent, do you think you are pressuring your child?
As a student, how do your peers affect how you are stressed?
Academic Stress
November 2011, Morals What factors influence your morals and values? Do they define you?
What are your family's values? How do they differ from your own?
How do you respond when your morals or values are compromised?
October 2011, Letting Go What are things in your life you find difficult to let go of?
How do we let go of things? How do we hold onto things?
What does it mean to move on?
Letting Go
September 2011, Body Image Why do people care so much about the body and appearance?
How is your life affected because of your body concerns?
How much do other people and the media affect your body image?
Body Image
August 2011, Parental Relations What constitutes a healthy parent-child relationship?
How open is communication in your home?
Is your relationship loving, respectful, and safe?
How have your parents influenced you and your outlook on life?
Parental Relations
May 2011, Disabilities And Disorders What is it like for those who care for those with disabilities or disorders?
Do those with disabilities or disorders want sympathy or to be treated like everyone else?
Do disabilities and disorders really change who the person really is?
Disabilities And Disorders
April 2011, Dances Do students have a choice when it comes to dancing?
What are the pressures associated with dances for students?
What is the meaning of dances to students?
March 2011, Escape What do you do to escape?
Are your escapes healthy?
What causes you to escape?
How can you tell if a friend has mentally escaped?
February 2011, Love Have you ever experienced love?
Do you have faith in love?
What are the different types of love?
December 2010, Loneliness Is it okay to be lonely?
How do you approach lonely people?
Do you change yourself or act fake to avoid loneliness?
November 2010, Judgement Why do people judge? Is it ever okay to judge others?
How do your judgments shape your actions?
How do you react to yours and others' judgments?
September 2010, Secrets Why do students keep secrets? Is it necessary?
Why do students disclose secrets?
How do others justify sharing confided secrets?
Who do students share secrets with?
Can divulging another's secret help a situation?
June 2010, Parties What purpose do parties hold in the life of a student?
What creates the need to party?
Do parties help or hurt students?
What makes a party a party?
May 2010, Sex How do you stand true to your values about sex?
Do parents have an influence on their children when it comes to the topic of sex?
Do you feel any pressure to have sex, or to abstain?
What might people gain and/or lose by having sex?
April 2010, Fears for the Future Where do our fears for the future come from?
How do we cope with the fear?
Are my fears based on facts or the unknowns?
Does this fear help or hurt us?
Fears for the Future
March 2010, Crime Have you ever committed a crime?
What is the definition of a crime?
Are crimes you have committed justifiable because of their lack of severity?
February 2010, Money What does money mean to you?
What does money mean at MVHS, in Cupertino, and in the US?
Is money discussed in your family or among your friends?