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Class of 2020 Car Parade

The Monta Vista High School Class of 2020 Car Parade will take place starting at 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, June 4.  The parade will be completed with enough time for seniors to return home for the 5:30 p.m. virtual graduation ceremony that evening.

In order to make the parade work successfully, we must comply with the regulations that have been put forth by the county.  In their directives, they shared that car parades are allowed, subject to all of the following conditions and limitations:

  • Parades must comply with all laws and applicable permitting requirements. 
  • Only members of the same household may occupy a single car.
  • People may not leave their cars at any time during the parade, including as cars arrive and wait for the parade to begin.
  • Participating cars may not congregate at a fixed location. 
  • No bicycles or motorcycles may participate.

In coordination with the cities of Cupertino, San Jose and Sunnyvale participants are expected to abide by the following:

  • A parent or guardian must be the driver of the vehicle.
  • Only one vehicle per student/family is permitted to participate in the parade.
  • Vehicles may not be larger than a SUV. No recreational vehicles, limousines, or buses.
  • Vehicles must abide by traffic signals and other standard rules of the road.
  • Vehicle decorations may not obscure the driver’s vision or cause hazard to others on the road.
  • During the parade members of each vehicle must remain seated with all body parts in the vehicle at all times.

Seniors in the Class of 2020 who wish to participate in the MVHS graduation car parade will meet (in your car) in the student parking lot starting at 3:15. You must be in the student lot by 3:40 adhering to county regulations above, to participate in the parade.  At 3:45 cars will begin to exit the student lot turning right on the McClellan Road.  You will have an opportunity to drive through the bus circle for a picture and then exit right to continue down McClellan Road.  Pictures will be available to students to download for free. You will make a right turn onto Bubb Road, a right turn on Hyannisport Drive, a right turn onto Linda Vista Drive, and then turn left or right to exit the parade onto McClellan Road (see map below).

During the parade, family members and friends will not be allowed on or around the Monta Vista High School campus.  If people opt to watch the parade on the surrounding streets, we encourage them to walk to the route and follow the procedures recommended by the health department (stay home if ill, wear a mask to cover the mouth and nose, observe social distancing of at least 6 feet, etc.).

Please help us to make this an event that is fun for the seniors and safe for everyone involved.

Map of Parade Route