Senior Activities & Graduation


Monta Vista High School's graduation ceremony for the Class of 2019 will be held on Charles Morrill Field (Football Field) on Friday, June 7, 2019. 

Graduation Attire

Seniors, there are strict rules about attire, cords, and what you can bring with you to graduation.

We firmly believe that the graduation ceremony is a serious occasion, put on by our school so parents, family, and close friends of the graduating seniors may share in this special time. Participation in the commencement is not mandatory for those receiving diplomas. Therefore, those who choose to take part must realize that it is aprivilege to do so.

The rules for participation are few, but they must be strictly followed. Any violation of the rules will result in the graduate being removed from the graduation ceremony, escorted from the field, and picked up by a parent to go home. By stating our expectations here, in advance, we hope to make the participation in the ceremony easier for the graduates and to promote an overall positive and pleasant experience for all. The graduation organizers in partnership with student leaders met and unanimously affirmed that this year’s ceremony should be conducted in traditional fashion, as in past years. This is particularly pertinent in the dress requirement. Please note below:


  • Dresses or slacks – no shorts/no blue jeans
  • Flat soled dress shoes for walking on turf. No flip flops/sneakers/heels.
  • Plain shirt with a collar. A good white or light-colored dress shirt and tie are recommended.• No flowers, leis, trims, buttons, or pins of any type on the cap or the gown.
  • Purple gown – Dark colored clothing is recommended
  • No hats other than the graduation mortar board.
  • Nothing may be carried in your hands or in your pockets. (NO cell phone or keys)
  • Do not alter your gown or mortar board in any way.

You must be in line with your cap and gown over your arm at 8:45AM on Friday, June 7. Graduates will pick up diplomas following the ceremony from the Lower Field no later than 11:45 a.m.

During the graduation, graduates will leave all materials at home, in their car, or with their parents. NOTHING should be in your pockets or your hands (cell phones and cameras are not allowed.) DO NOT BRING them with you! Report to the line-up area CARRYING your gown in your hands. Caps may already be in place, but nothing else may be carried into the line-up area or under your gown. Only ONE Honor cord or the Board of Trustees Service Medal can be worn. (Note: tassels come off easily. Make sure to secure it to your cap.)

We also ask that parents and guests act in a way that doesn’t detract from the experience of others. Graduates, please make sure that your guests know NOT to bring horns or noise-makers because they drown out the names of graduates being read and are harmful to the ears of those around them. They should also refrain from bringing signs/banners or standing on the bleachers as these things will impact others’ ability to see the proceedings.

If you have any questions about the above information, please email Mr. White at


Baccalaureate is a tradition celebrating graduating Seniors on an evening weekday prior to graduation, typically at a local church. The Baccalaureate Ceremony offers students and their families an opportunity to pause and reflect on their graduation, hear faculty members offer advice to the graduating class and enjoy students' musical talents.