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Monta Vista Dance Team

Home to the national championship-winning Monta Vista Dance Team, Monta Vista's dance program offers an award-winning coaching staff, top-notch choreography and modern facilities for novice and experienced dancers alike. Monta Vista offers a competitive dance team that allows dancers to perform at home football games, rallies, local events and competitions in the Bay Area.

Monta Vista High School’s competitive dance team holds many national titles, including a National Championship in 2022. The Monta Vista  Dance Team is a big commitment, but one that reaps countless rewards. Balancing out the demanding workload are opportunities for travel, friendship, and memories that last a lifetime!

Members of the competitive dance team are selected by an audition process in April/May of the previous school year. These students are advanced dancers who are committed to expanding their technique, knowledge, and professionalism in a range of dance styles, including jazz, lyrical, contemporary, pom, musical theater, and hip hop. We also have a division of our competition team for dancers who are only interested in performing hip hop. These students represent the school at numerous competitions and performances as well as traveling to a national competition in Orlando, Florida.


For advanced and trained dancers who are committed to a studio, we offer an option for performance at football games, rallies, and local events only. These dancers are able to put their studio commitments first, but do not have the opportunity to compete with the team.  

For questions, please email Joy Lee (dancingjlee@gmail.com) or Caitlin Malone (caitlinmalone@gmail.com).

Contact Information

Coach Joy Lee dancingjlee@gmail.com

Coach Caitlin Malone caitlinmalone@gmail.com


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