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Parenting Class

Interested in learning more about teens and parenting choices? Two Parenting Class series will occur during the 2019-20 school year.

Description of Richard's Parenting Classes

The parenting class will be held on Wednesdays from Sept. 25 through Nov. 13, 2019 in the Monta Vista Library, and will consist of seven sessions. Please note there will be no class on Oct. 23. There is no cost to the class except for the purchase of the required text ($15).

The classes are based on the STEP program. STEP stands for Systematic Training for Effective Parenting. This program is specifically geared for teens. It has been around awhile and has proven helpful to many. For example, it asks if you might have a "giving orders", "giving in" or "giving choices" parenting style and what the effects on you and your child these styles might have. Which style do you find promotes the kind of adult you want your child to be? Topics include: Understanding your teen, emotions (yours and theirs), encouragement, identifying whose problem is it--yours or your teen's, communication (listening, expressing your feelings and exploring with your teen alternative ways of thinking and behaving), and discipline (developing responsibility). You are more than welcome to attend more than one series of classes. Because the program involves changing yourself, it helps to hear the ideas again and practice more. Also, your experience can be helpful to others. Participants need to come to all, or close to all, of the classes. There will be homework. There will be teens in attendance as well.

Richard's classes use the book STEP: Parenting Teenagers, copyright 1998, by Dinkmeyer and McKay. STEP Publishers. This book is required. Please purchase it and read the first chapter prior to the first class. Copies will be made available for sale a week before the first class.

Register by emailing Student Advocate Richard Prinz at richard_prinz@fuhsd.org or calling (408) 366-7638.

Description of Ya-Huei's Parenting Classes

This 3-week Mandarin parenting class, focusing on supporting parents and strengthening the parent-teen relationship. The topics include understanding different parenting styles, learning listening skills and efficient communication, and setting boundaries. We will also explore cultural differences and the generation gap, which you might encounter during parenting. Through group discussion and interactive practice, we will learn together and support each other to make parenting an exciting and enjoyable experience!

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