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Guidance Team

Welcome to the Monta Vista High School Guidance Department!

Guidance Counselors are generally available for student drop-in appointments during Brunch and Tutorial. Appointments are recommended for other times during the day as Counselors are often in classroom presentations and are required to attend meetings and conferences, which may pull them away from the office at various times. Appointment requests can be made by students via the links below.

For parents who wish to make an appointment with their students Guidance Counselor, please email them directly.

Monique Balentine


Counselor (A-Gou) 

(408) 366-7615

Appointment Request

Jessica Coscia

Counselor (Gov-L) 

(408) 366-7616

Appointment Request

Sylvia Lam

Counselor (M-Sha)

(408) 366-7626

Appointment Request

Clay Stiver

Counselor (She-Z)

(408) 366-7614

Appointment Request

McKenna Parfet College & Career Advisor

(408) 366-7618

Appointment Request

Elaine Hamilton Guidance Support

(408) 366-7623

Richard Prinz, MFT Student Advocate (Room D204) (408) 366-7638
Ya Huei Chi Student Advocate (Room A106, tues/thurs) (408) 366-7640
Sheila Altmann School Psychologist (Room A106) (408) 366-7664
Glenn Fisher School Psychologist (Room A108) (408) 366-7643