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Guidance Team

Welcome to the Monta Vista High School Guidance Department!

Starting on Sept. 9, Guidance Counselors will be hosting office hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Students can go to their MVHS_Guidance course on Schoolgy based on their graduating year for the zoom link. This is a drop in type of appointment for quicker questions. For parents who wish to make an appointment with their students Guidance Counselor, please email them directly.

Monique Balentine


Counselor (A-Gou) 

(408) 366-7615

Calendly Appointment Request



Counselor (Gov-L) 

(408) 366-7616


Sylvia Lam

Counselor (M-Sha)

(408) 366-7626


Clay Stiver

Counselor (She-Z)

(408) 366-7614

Calendly Appointment Request


Mary Depew College & Career Advisor

(408) 366-7618

Richard Prinz, MFT School Based Therapist (Room D204) (408) 366-7638
Ya Huei Chi School Based Therapist (Tuesday in Room A106) (408) 366-7640
Leila Lurie School Based Therapist    
Annie Roe School Psychologist (Room A106) (408) 366-7664  
Glenn Fisher School Psychologist (Room A108) (408) 366-7643