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Advanced Placement Exam Information for Students and Parents 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

FUHSD administers over 10,000 Advanced Placement (AP) exams each year while school is in session, which requires significant additional personnel, facilities, and equipment. The biggest expenses for AP exams in FUHSD are the College Board exam fees and personnel to administer the exams. We work hard to run an efficient testing program in order to keep costs down, while maintaining a safe and supportive testing environment for students.

We realize registering for AP exams in the fall is very early in the school year, so we encourage students to talk over their exam decisions with family members, teachers, and trusted adults. Students should consider their confidence in the course content, overall workload, post-secondary plans, and other commitments in the spring when deciding whether or not to take an AP exam. Keep in mind, some colleges and universities require that students taking AP courses take the corresponding exam, while other colleges do not give credit for certain AP subjects.

This year’s exam fees are $115 for regular format exams and $125 for special format (World Language, Music Theory, Studio Art) exams. If a student qualifies for financial assistance, the cost of each exam will be $10 for regular format and $15 for special format exams. There will be no late registrations, so students will need to plan carefully.

College Board is offering some tests digitally this school year as part of their transition to only digital exams over the next several years. FUHSD will decide the test format by mid-November. When signing up for the following exams, please note that there is a possibility that these exams will be administered digitally in FUHSD: AP Computer Science Principles, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP U.S. History, and AP World History: Modern. 

This year's AP Examination dates are May 1 - 5, May 8 - 12.  Below is a list of FAQs that include important registration dates to help guide you through our TWO step registration process (College Board’s join code registration and Monta Vista’s payment registration). If you have any questions or concerns that are not answered here or on the CollegeBoard website, please check your FUHSD email account and communicate with your AP teacher(s) often.

AP Testing FAQs:

  1. Where do I find information about AP tests?

The best place to find AP exam information is your teacher. If you are self-studying for an AP Exam, your best resource will be MyAP and the Courses and Exams page on the College Board website. 

  1. When and where do I sign up for the AP Exams?

MyAp Registration (Join Codes) - All students must register through the MyAP College Board website. For those enrolled in an AP course(s), this registration took place in class using its unique join code. For those who are self-studying (exam only), you must first pay for your exam (see how below) before registering through MyAP. Your join code will come after the data has been processed after the payment registration window closes. Please be patient!

Payment Registration - All students who plan to take any AP exam(s) must pay for all of their exam(s) during the payment registration window, including courses taken during the second semester (Gov/Econ). Payments are made to FUHSD, not College Board.

Second Semester courses - Students in a second semester only course (Gov’t/Econ) will pay for exams during this same payment registration window (9/12 - 9/30) and will receive a join code from their teacher in January.

Important Dates for AP exam purchase:

  • September 12: FUHSD AP exam registration opens at 8 a.m. through Infinite Campus portal (payment by credit card or e-check) or in person with our ASB School Financial Technician. 
  • September 26 - September 30: FUHSD lottery sign up for remaining AP Chinese seats
  • September 30: FUHSD AP exam registration closes at 3:30 p.m. online. No late registrations.

For more information about AP exam registration, please listen to the announcements and check your FUHSD email frequently.

For more information regarding AP testing in FUHSD please visit our website.

Payment options - The Fremont Union High School District offers online registration for all exams through the Infinite Campus Portal. In order to purchase your exam(s) through the portal please follow the instructions below and/or refer to this help guide.

  • Click on “school store”, then “shop”, “view” under the exam you want to purchase, select quantity of “1”, “add to cart”
  • Continue to complete the transaction by adding payment information for CC or eCheck; and
  • Print receipt. 

For students needing to pay in person (check or cash) please:

  • Complete one order form for all exams (exception is AP CSP and AP Chinese Language)
  • Make check payable to FUHSD and include student’s name and ID in memo section of check
  • Turn in your completed order form and payment to the ASB Financial Tech in the Main Office before school, after school, brunch, lunch, tutorial, or an open period; not during class.

AP exam registration is not complete until students have both added themselves to the course in MyAP using a join code and paid for the exam. Course join codes are shared with students in their AP courses or via email after the payment window closes for exam only exams and are required as part of the registration process.

  1. Are there restricted purchase AP Exams?

Yes, the following exams have specific eligibility requirements and are only available for purchase through a structured purchase schedule. 

AP Computer Science Principles 

Only students currently enrolled in the course will be allowed to register for this exam which will only take place in the AP Computer Science Principles classroom.

AP Studio Art 

Only students currently enrolled in the course will have access through IC to register for this exam. For cash/check purchases, verification of enrollment will take place for every order.

AP Chinese Sales Process- AP 2023


Who can register?


All FUHSD students enrolled in AP Chinese & any 12th grade FUHSD student


(if seats available) All students mentioned above and any 11th grade FUHSD student


9th/10th Graders Enrolled in a FUHSD Chinese Course 

Lottery sign up only for any 9th or 10th grade FUHSD students NOT enrolled in a FUHSD Chinese course.


Students who “won” the lottery can sign up for the AP Chinese exam (students will be notified by 10/3 at 5:00 p.m.)

  1. What are low demand exams?

There are some exams that are considered “low demand” exams. FUHSD will only offer exam testing sessions for exams that have 10 or more students sign-up for the exam. In the past, the following tests have had low demand: Art History, Comparative Government/Politics, European History, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish Literature, World History. 

Low Demand Exam details - 

  • By signing up for a low demand exam, students are committing to pay for and take the exam if we have enough students to offer it. 
  • Exams will only be offered if there are 10 or more students signed up.
  • There will be no late testing for these exams. 
  • If we have enough students to offer the exam, students will be notified mid-October and provided registration and payment details. 

Please complete this form if you are interested in taking a “low demand” exam.

  1. Refunds

Full refunds (minus processing fee from IC store) for exams purchased are available until November 14th without incurring a fee. Between November 15th and March 10th exam refund requests will incur a $40 fee plus the IC store processing fee. There are no refunds for exams purchased after March 10th, 2023. Dropping your AP class is not the same as requesting an exam refund. To request a refund, send one email to Ms. Buscher and do not wait until the last minute.

6. Where will each test be located?

Test locations are scheduled once registration is completed. Most of our AP exams will occur at Monta Vista, however some students may need to travel to another site within FUHSD. A testing schedule, including location, report time, and testing time will be shared with all registered AP examinees. 

7. How long are AP Exams?

Start Times - For all morning exams starting at 8:00 am, arrival time is 7:15 am at the assigned testing location. For all afternoon exams that begin at 12:00 pm, the arrival time at the testing location is 11:30 am. For students taking two exams on the same day, a short break will be provided between exams and students will be able to sit for both exams. 

End Times - All exams require an administration period which can take nearly 45-60 additional minutes to the posted exam times on College Board which do not include their mandated breaks and can impact an exam’s end time. Despite our best efforts to run our exam administrations efficiently and effectively, you can safely assume that if an exam is scheduled for three hours and starts at 8:00 am, students taking that exam may not be released until well after 11:45 am. The same may be true for afternoon exams scheduled to start at noon, their release time may be well after 3:45 pm. 

AP Testing dates and times for the May 2023 administration are linked here.

  1. What happens if I have testing schedule conflicts?

Please contact  Ms. Buscher or Mr. Flores, immediately, to determine if late testing is an option for you. Late testing is May 17 - May 19, is dependent on College Board approval, and may require an additional fee.

  1. Am I signing up for the right AP exam for my class?

A few AP exam subjects are commonly mixed up. Please reference the following information to be most certain you are purchasing the correct exam.

  • AP English Language = corresponds to our Honors American Lit course and is a self-study exam
  • AP English Literature = corresponds to our AP English Lit course offered at Monta Vista
  • AP MACROeconomics = corresponds to our AP Macroeconomics course offered at MVHS
    • We do not offer the AP Microeconomics course, so that would be a self-study exam.
  • There are four different AP exams for physics. Be sure to select the right one(s):

    • AP Physics 1 = corresponds to our AP Physics 1 course offered at Monta Vista.

    • AP Physics 2 = we do not offer this course, so it would be a self-study exam.

    • AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism = corresponds to one semester of our AP Physics C course. 

    • AP Physics C: Mechanics = corresponds to the other semester of our AP Physics C course.

  • You have the option to take one or both of the AP Physics C exams.

10. How do I fix my Student ID #, email address, or school code on my College Board account?

Each of these items must be 100% accurate in your College Board account so we can process your exam order. Follow the directions below to double check and/or correct your information.

Student ID

  1. Go to the College Board “MyAP” website

  2. Login to your account

  3. Click “My AP Profile” in the top right corner

  4. Go to the “Registration” tab

  5. Scroll down to Student ID and enter or fix your student ID number (Make sure there are no typos!)

  6. Scroll all the way down and hit SAVE

Email Address

  1. Go to the College Board “MyAP” website

  2. Login to your account

  3. Click “My AP Profile” in the top right corner

  4. Remaining on the Profile tab, scroll down to hit “Edit”

  5. Scroll down to Email Address and select “Edit”

  6. Enter your correct email address (Make sure there are no typos! This email address is where all AP exam information will be sent.)

  7. Click “Save Changes”

School Code

  1. Go to the College Board “MyAP” website

  2. Login to your account

  3. Click “My AP Profile” in the top right corner

  4. Go to the “Registration” tab

  5. Under the “School You Attend” box, make sure it says: “Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, CA”. (There are several ‘Monte Vista’ schools in the region (e.g. Danville, Simi Valley). Be sure to select our Monta Vista with street address 21840 McClellan Road in Cupertino.)

  6. Scroll all the way down and hit “Save”

Should you have additional questions, please reach out to your AP teacher or contact Ms. Buscher or Mr. Flores.

Sincere thanks,

Joelle Buscher, AP Coordinator and Nico Flores, Assistant Principal