College & Career Planning

Your Guidance Counselor and the College and Career Advisor are here to help you plan for college. Getting into a college is like approaching any other goal in life that’s important: it takes hard work, commitment and attention to dates and details. The resources on this page are designed to help students navigate their post high school options, with information on college admissions testing, the college application process, choosing a college and possible major, career research, alternative post high school options and more.



Community College is a great option for students who are unsure at what they want to study, want 


Four Year College Information


Students must meet eligibility requirements according to the CSU Index Table. 


Students must meet minimum UC requirements in order to be eligibile for admissions. 


Private colleges and universities typically require an application, essays, test score reports, teacher recommendations, secondary school and/or mid-year reports, and possibly more.  Since requirements may vary, please visit the school's website for more detailed information. 


Some college and programs may require students to include supplemental information in addition to the application forms.


University of California (UC)

Out of the ten UC campuses, nine are open to undergraduate students. Requirements include meeting the A-G requirements (15 academic subjects), SAT 1 or ACT with writing, as well as meeting the eligibility index table criteria.  Minimum GPA required to apply is 3.0  

Application Window: November 1-30. The UC application will open August 1, 2017. Students can begin submitting on Nov. 1.

UC Application and Information

California State University (CSU)

The CSU system currently consists of 23 campuses. Students must complete the 15 subject requirements and meet the Eligibility Index Table (GPA and SAT/ACT) to be considered for admission to the CSU's. Minimum GPA is 2.0 to apply

Application Window: October 1 - November 30. The CSU application will open October 1, 2017, students can begin submitting at this time

CSU Application and Information

Private and Out-of-State Public Colleges

Each private/ out-of-state public school varies in subject and testing requirements.  Each campus should be researched individually through college websites to identify the requirements for that school.  Most private school requirements are similar to the UC requirements, but are not always the same. For more information on California private schools, visit

Many private schools (as well as some out-of-state public schools) use the Common App for their application process. Students will set up one Common App account, and can then apply to a number of schools from within that account.

The Common App will open on August 1, 2017, please refer to the Common App website


The deadlines for applications will vary amongst colleges. Some will offer early application options (with deadlines as early as October, but often in November), but most of the regular deadlines will be in January and February. Please refer to the Common App and the University website to confirm deadlines for all schools and programs.

Please note that some programs such as art, music, theater and film may have earlier "regular" deadlines as they often require a portfolio or audition.

College Representative Visits

MVHS Seniors are allowed to attend College Rep Visits in the Fall semester. This is where college admissions representatives come to Monta Vista for about a half hour and speak to students about their campus. Students can ask the representative questions and get a better idea of whether or not that school should be on their application list. 

MVHS College Rep Policies

  • Seniors you must sign up on Naviance to attend a Rep Visit (Colleges -> Upcoming College Events) 
  • Juniors you must sign up in the College and Career Center (A-102) and are limited to 3 a semester. These visits are geared towards Seniors and the admission requirements for the following Fall. 
  • Arrive a few minutes early to the presentation
  • Students must be respectful to the Reps and their classmates
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions!
  • You are responsible for the work you miss in class and must have permission from your teacher in advance.

Scheduling a Visit

f you are looking to schedule a visit to Monta Vista High School please find us on

If you do not see a time slot that works with your schedule, please email the College and Career Advisor at We will do our best to accommodate your schedule. Currently, we are only doing College Rep visits in the fall.