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School Site Council

The purpose of the Monta Vista School Site Council is to advise and assist the school staff in the development, implementation, evaluation, and annual review of educational programs designed to improve the quality of education at Monta Vista High School. Teachers, parents, students, and administrators serve on the School Site Council.

How to Proceed with a Request

  1. An idea (Professional Development, Release Day or Student Activity) is created
  2. Go to this link and download the appropriate form:
    • PD - Professional Development
    • SA - Student Activity
    • RD - Release Day
  3. Complete the form accurately
    • Research hotels and flights in an economical fashion
    • Provide websites URLs or online agendas/pamphlets that we can project during your presentation
  4. Submit the form to: Janice Chen AND Tricia Palomino
  5. We review the form for accuracy
  6. Tricia will confirm with you when you are placed on the SSC Agenda
  7. You come and present the information to SSC.
    • If you cannot make it, please be sure to notify Tricia or Janice

School Site Council Meeting Dates for 2021-2022

School site council meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm on zoom on the following dates (subject to change):

  • October 5
  • November 2
  • December 7
  • January 11*
  • February 1
  • March 1
  • April 5

*second Tuesday of the month

Bylaws & Agenda