Courses and Support

ELD: English Language Development


Learn the English language


To help English learners develop English skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Courses Offered

ELD 1A, ELD 1B, ELD 2, ELD 3

Sheltered Courses


Learn grade-level content


Sheltered classes offer extra language help to learn the material of the class

Courses Offered

  • English: Literature & Writing Sheltered, World Literature Sheltered, American Literature Sheltered, Contemporary Literature Sheltered
  • Social Science: World History Sheltered, US History Sheltered, US Government Sheltered, Economics Sheltered
  • Science: Biology Sheltered, Chemistry Sheltered, Physics Sheltered

Connections and New Student Support


Connections is the Bilingual Parent Group at Monta Vista High School. This group meets four times a year to provide parents with information regarding the ELD program and the supports in place for EL students. All parents and guardians of bilingual students are welcome. For more information, contact Lindsay Stuart at lindsay_stuart@fuhsd.org.

New Student Support

This club provides assistance for students new to Monta Vista. For example, translators from the group are sometimes paired up with new English Learners. To learn more, visit the New Student Support Web Page.

Staff Directory

Maria Autran 366-7600 x 8806 EL Coordinator, World Language
Brostowicz, Robyn 366-7600 x8813 Sheltered World History
Elly Brown 366-7600 x8818 ELD 1A, ELD 1B, ELD 2
Clarke, David 366-7600 x8830 Sheltered Literature/Writing
Cler, Stacey 366-7600 x8821 Sheltered World Literature
Hajjarian, Pooya 366-7600 x8879 Sheltered Biology
Muskivitch, Deby 366-7639 ELD Program Assistant
Onodera, Mia 366-7600 x8871 Sheltered Chemistry
Wright, Melissa 366-7600 ELD 3