Social Studies

Staff Directory

Barron, Hilary 366-7600 x8824 World Core, Government, AP Government
Belshe, Bonnie 366-7600 x8804 Department Chair, US History, AP US History
Bonacorsi, Nick 366-7600 x8858 Athletic Director, World Studies
Brostowicz, Robyn 366-7600 x8813 World Core, Sheltered World History
Hartford, David 366-7600 AP US History, US History
Hoffman, Robbie 366-7600 x8895 US History, World Core
Otto, Eric 366-7600 x8924 World Core, Government, Economics
Owens, Cody 366-7600 x8915 World Core, American Studies
Pelkey, Pete 366-7600 x8814 AP Economics, Government
Recktenwald, Ben 366-7600 x8856 AP Government, Government
Stolhand, Ashley 366-7600 x6818 US History, Spanish 2
Victorine, Scott 366-7600 x8898 World Core, AP Economics, AVID 11

High School Graduation & College Entrance Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements 

There is a three-year requirement for graduation that includes World History, United States History, and Economics/Government.

UC Eligibility

a. History/Social Science - 2 years required. A student must earn 20 credits and a grade of 'C' or higher in approved history/social science courses. While Economics is needed for meeting high school graduation requirement for Social Sciences, for UC Eligibility, it is included in the 'g' requirement.

Course Information

For more information, please view this presentation that reviews the possible sequences of Social Science courses at Monta Vista.