Staff Directory

Borelli, Sara 366-7600 x8810 Literature/Writing, World Core
Brown, Elly 366-7600 x8818 Literature/Writing, ELD 1A, ELD 1B, ELD 2
Carpenter, Mark 366-7600 x8851 World Studies, American Literature Honors
Choate, Megan 366-7600 World Core, Mythology
Clarke, David 366-7600 x8830 Department Chair, American Literature, Literature/Writing Sheltered, AP Literature
Cler, Stacey 366-7600 x8821 Literature/Writing, Sheltered World Literature
Evard, Kate 366-7600 x8884 American Literature, Literature/Writing
Gould, Hannah 366-7600 x8920 World Core, American Literature Honors
Holaday, Randy 366-7600 x8863 American Literature, British Literature, Mythology
Jariwala, Monica 366-7600 x82210 Mythology, Contemporary Literature, AVID 10
Kaufman, Jessica 366-7600 x8848 World Core, British Literature, Mythology
Nava, Vennessa 366-7600 x8894 American Literature Honors, American Studies
Otto, Vanessa 366-7600 x8918 Literature/Writing, Mythology
Perry, Scott 366-7600 World Studies, American Literature
Rose, Lynn 366-7600 x8892

Literature/Writing, AVID 12

Satterthwaite, Julia 366-7600 x8904 Journalism, Literature/Writing, Writing for Publications, Multimedia Design, Media Production Management, Yearbook
Shimazaki, Shozo 366-7600 x8888 Literature/Writing, American Literature
Tanabe, Jireh 366-7642 World Core, Literature/Writing
Wright, Melissa 366-7600 ELD 3, Mythology, Literature/Writing

High School Graduation & College Entrance Requirements

High School Graduation Requirement

There is a four-year requirement for graduation.

UC Eligibility

b. English - 4 years required. A student must earn 40 credits and a grade of 'C' or higher in approved English courses.

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