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Vision & Goals

What drives the Matador Spirit?


Graduates of Monta Vista High School become informed, ethical, and active citizens; knowledgeable self-directed workers; discerning participants in the arts; and lifelong learners in the pursuit of personal excellence, who can adapt to the challenges of the future.

Learning Goals

The Monta Vista High School staff, in partnership with parents and community, expect Monta Vista students to meet quality standards in the following areas:


  • Applies past learning to new situations
  • Applies problem solving and decision making skills to meaningful tasks
  • Applies creative thinking in a flexible and open-minded manner
  • Engages in tasks even when answers or solutions are not immediately apparent


  • Uses a variety of information-gathering skills, tools, and information resources
  • Interprets and synthesizes information
  • Assesses accurately the value of information
  • Converts data into usable information related to need


  • Communicates with clarity to diverse audiences for a variety of purposes
  • Communicates in a variety of ways using an appropriate medium


  • Uses interpersonal skills when working within groups or systems
  • Works towards establishment and maintenance of the group and achievement of group goals
  • Practices skills required to contribute positively to a society
  • Demonstrates respect for diverse cultures, languages and opinions


  • Sets priorities, plans and takes action to accomplish personal, academic, and career goals
  • Manages time and resources effectively
  • Develops and uses strategies to maximize personal well being
  • Uses feedback and self-reflection to assess, monitor, and improve performance
  • Creates quality products and performances