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History & School Culture

Monta Vista began in 1969 and has since become a great presence in Silicon Valley. Matadors are proud of their diversity in thought, creativity and athletics, and their excellence in a broad range of foundational and applied academics. We are a student-run campus with a wide array of events across the year to meet our student body needs and desires. Some recurring events that have shaped school culture include:

  • Spotlight on India
  • Cure Cancer Cafe
  • Powder Puff Football
  • Club Promo and Grub Days
  • Food-Driven Socials and Charity Drives such as Warm Coat Drive (featuring hot chocolate) and Bring Your Own Banana Ice Cream Social.

Students are proud of their well attended rallies that include competitions between classes, creative presentations by Leadership, showcases of teams and clubs, and even presentations by staff. "You can't hide that Matador pride!"

Monta Vista Alma Mater

Hail to thee 'ole MV High
Proud her colors 'ere may fly,
Purple-gold they stand for might,
Teach us to defend the right
Truth and honor never fail
Loyalty will 'ere prevail.
Strong ideals will never die,
Hail to thee 'ole MV High!

Opening of School 1969

Letter from Principal Dale Deselms to the first class at MVHS in August 1969

Letter from Principal Dale Deselms to the first class at MVHS for the opening of school inĀ August 1969

MVHS 50th Anniversary Celebration - Sept. 2019