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For a list of all staff voicemail extensions please refer to the button below.

Voicemail Directory

Name Email Department  
Norma Abarca norma_abarca@fuhsd.org World Language
Ceazar Agront ceazar_agront@fuhsd.org Para-Educator
Marichu Agustin marichu_agustin@fuhsd.org Behavior Specialist
Paul Amaya paul_amaya@fuhsd.org Site Maintenance
Sid Araujo sid_araujo@fuhsd.org Site Maintenance
Maria Autran maria_autran@fuhsd.org World Language, EL Coordinator
Monique Balentine monique_balentine@fuhsd.org Guidance Counselor (A-G)
Sushma Bana sushma_bana@fuhsd.org Math and Science
Hilary Barron hilary_barron@fuhsd.org Social Science
Hannah Banks hannah_banks@fuhsd.org Guidance Counselor (Gov-L)  
Bonnie Belshe bonnie_belshe@fuhsd.org Social Science
Jim Birdsong jim_birdsong@fuhsd.org Science
Nick Bonacorsi nick_bonacorsi@fuhsd.org Social Science and Athletic Director
Doreen Bonde doreen_bonde@fuhsd.org Library Media Specialist
Sara Borelli sara_borelli@fuhsd.org English
Robyn Brostowicz robyn_brostowicz@fuhsd.org Social Science
Elly Brown elly_brown@fuhsd.org English
Joelle Buscher joelle_buscher@fuhsd.org AP Secretary
Steven Caringella steven_caringella@fuhsd.org Spanish
Mark Carpenter mark_carpenter@fuhsd.org English
I-Chu Chang i-chu_chang@fuhsd.org World Language
Maria Chavez maria_chavez@fuhsd.org Food Services
Janice Chen janice_chen@fuhsd.org Assistant Principal (M-Sha)
Ya Huei Chi ya-huei_chi@fuhsd.org School Based Therapist
Megan Choate megan_choate@fuhsd.org English
Julie Choi julie_choi@fuhsd.org Science
Brian Chow brian_chow@fuhsd.org Art
Pam Chow pamela_chow@fuhsd.org Science
Ben Clausnitzer ben_clausnitzer@fuhsd.org Principal
Stacey Cler stacey_cler@fuhsd.org English
Katie Collins katie_collins@fuhsd.org Math
John Conlin john_conlin@fuhsd.org Math
Ana Cortez ana_cortezgutierrez@fuhsd.org Site Maintenance
Jaime Davis jaime_davis@fuhsd.org Food Services
Jacinta DeAvila jacinta_deavila@fuhsd.org Site Maintenance
Scott DeRuiter scott_deruiter@fuhsd.org Math
Mark Diamanti mark_diamanti@fuhsd.org Special Education
Paula Dowell paula_dowell@fuhsd.org Special Education
Kenneth Duckworth kenneth_duckworth@fuhsd.org Para-Educator
Lenore Espanola lenore_espanola@fuhsd.org Business  
Kate Evard kate_evard@fuhsd.org English
Renee Fallon renee_fallon@fuhsd.org Science
Theresa Faraone theresa_faraone@fuhsd.org Para-Educator
Sydney Fernandez sydney_fernandez@fuhsd.org Assistant Principal (A-Gou)  
Sarah Finck sarah_finck@fuhsd.org World Language
Glenn Fisher glenn_fisher@fuhsd.org School Psychologist
Nico Flores nico_flores@fuhsd.org Assistant Principal (Gov-L)
Joyce Fortune joyce_fortune@fuhsd.org World Language
Monique Franzino monique_franzino@fuhsd.org Executive Assistant
Barbara Frei barbara_frei@fuhsd.org Study Buddies
Ken Gan kenneth_gan@fuhsd.org Science
Elizabeth Garcia elizabeth_garcia@fuhsd.org Food Services
Victor Garcia victor_garcia@fuhsd.org Site Maintenance
Paula Gaspar paula_gaspar@fuhsd.org Print Center Technician
Melinda Gaul melinda_gaul@fuhsd.org Math
Jennifer Giarritta jennifer_giarritta@fuhsd.org Senior Clerical Assistant
John Gilchrist john_gilchrist@fuhsd.org Band
Isidro Goncalves isidro_goncalves@fuhsd.org Site Maintenance
Hannah Gould hannah_gould@fuhsd.org English
David Greenstein david_greenstein@fuhsd.org Math
Molly Guadiamos molly_guadiamos@fuhsd.org World Language
Kavita Gupta kavita_gupta@fuhsd.org Science
Meenakshi Gupta meenakshi_gupta@fuhsd.org Math  
Pooya Hajjarian pooya_hajjarian@fuhsd.org New Teacher Support
David Hartford david_hartford@fuhsd.org Social Science
Robbie Hoffman robbie_hoffman@fuhsd.org Social Science
Randy Holaday randy_holaday@fuhsd.org English
Shannon Hoopes shannon_hoopes@fuhsd.org Counselor (A-Gou)   
Shilpi Jain shilpi_jain@fuhsd.org 366-7604 Attendance
Monica Jariwala monica_jariwala@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 82210 English, AVID
Raymunda Javier raymunda_javier@fuhsd.org 366-7660 Food Services
Sarah Jensen sarah_jensen@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8809 Physical Education
Jodi Johnson jodi_johnson@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8834 Art
Stuart Johnson stuart_johnson@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 7622 Para-Educator
Kyle Jones kyle_jones@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8853 Science
Jessica Kaufman jessica_kaufman@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8848 English
Erica Kim erica_kim@fuhsd.org 366-7650 Speech Therapist
Joe Kim joe_kim@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8878 Math
Kathy Koch kathleen_koch@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8873 Math
Josh Kuo josh_kuo@fuhsd.org   Math


Sylvia Lam sylvia_lam@fuhsd.org 366-7626 Guidance Counselor (M-Sha)
Supriya Lawrence supriya_lawrence@fuhsd.org






Toy Lemmons toy_lemmons@fuhsd.org   Para-Educator  
Doug Leresche doug_leresche@fuhsd.org   Special Education  
Lora Lerner lora_lerner@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8870 Science
Zoey Liu zoey_liu@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8903 World Language
Michael Lordan michael_lordan@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8899 Science and Math
Derek Lu derek_lu@fuhsd.org   English  
Sergio Luis sergio_luis@fuhsd.org 366-7633 Groundskeeper
Leila Lurie leila_lurie@fuhsd.org   School Based Therapist  
Chi Ma chi_ma@fuhsd.org 366-7633 Site Maintenance
Deb Mandac deb_mandac@fuhsd.org 366-7606 AP Secretary
Javier Margarito javier_margarito@fuhsd.org 366-7631 Athletic Trainer/ Health Clerk
Dasha Maximovich dasha_maximovich@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8886 Physical Education
Lisa McCahill lisa_mccahill@fuhsd.org   Special Education  
Kathleen McCarty kathleen_mccarty@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8860 Math
Elizabeth McCracken elizabeth_mccracken@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8862 Science, AVID
Tre McGill tre_mcgill@fuhsd.org 366-7622 Para-Educator  
Eddy Medal eddy_medal@fuhsd.org   Facilities Manager  
Thomas Michaelis thomas_michaelis@fuhsd.org 366-7661 Student Conduct Liason
Supriya Moore supriya_moore@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8802 Science
Omid Motlagh omid_motlagh@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 7624 Science Lab Assistant  
Vennessa Nava vennessa_nava@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x8894 English
Mia Onodera mia_onodera@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8871 Science
Tricia Palomino tricia_palomino@fuhsd.org 366-7605 AP Secretary
Maria Pangelina maria_pangelina@fuhsd.org 366-7622 Para-Educator
Jeff Payne jeff_payne@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8805 Math
Pete Pelkey pete_pelkey@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8814 Social Science
Richard Prinz richard_prinz@fuhsd.org 366-7638 School Based Therapist
Ben Recktenwald ben_recktenwald@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8856 Social Science
Edgar Rodriguez-Vazquez edgar_rodriguezvazquez@fuhsd.org   Food Services Manager  
Annie Roe annie_roe@fuhsd.org   School Psychologist  
Lynn Rose lynn_rose@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8892 English, AVID
Margie Sanborn margie_sanborn@fuhsd.org 366-7660 Food Services
Julia Satterthwaite julia_satterthwaite@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8829 English, El Estoque, Yearbook
Carl Schmidt carl_schmidt@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8887 Business
Ruth Seyer ruth_seyer@fuhsd.org 366-7644 Special Education
Jay Shelton jay_shelton@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8917 Art
Megumi Shibamiya megumi_shibamiya@fuhsd.org   World Language  
Shozo Shimazaki shozo_shimazaki@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8888 English
Ted Shinta ted_shinta@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8911 Industrial Technology
Curtis Sloan curtis_sloan@fuhsd.org 366-7625 Para Educator
Jenna Smith jenna_smith@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8854 Science and Leadership
Vadivu Soundararajan vadivu_soundararajan@fuhsd.org 366-7625 Para Educator
Tony Sousa tony_sousa@fuhsd.org 366-7633 Site Maintenance
Clay Stiver clay_stiver@fuhsd.org 366-7614 Guidance Counselor (She-Z)
Julie Sullivan julie_sullivan@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8855 Physical Education
Brooklyn Sylve brooklyn_sylve@fuhsd.org   Health Clerk  
Jireh Tanabe jireh_tanabe@fuhsd.org 366-7642 English
Seema Tandon seema_tandon@fuhsd.org 366-7645 Special Education
Karl Tang karl_tang@fuhsd.org 366-7663 Network Systems Specialist
Meg Teffera meg_teffera@fuhsd.org 366-7613 Data Technician
Jeffrey Thomas jeffrey_thomas@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8811 Physical Education
Kathleen Tracy kathleen_tracy@fuhsd.org 366-7612 Special Education
Laura Utile laura_utile@fuhsd.org 366-7656 Library Media Teacher
Naeim Vahedi naeim_vahedi@fuhsd.org 366-7622 Para-Educator
Scott Victorine scott_victorine@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8898 Social Science and AVID
Mike White mike_white@fuhsd.org 366-7608 Assistant Principal (She-Z)
Alan Wong alan_wong@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x8832 Math
Calvin Wong calvin_wong@fuhsd.org 366-7617 School Financial Specialist
Melissa Wright melissa_wright@fuhsd.org 366-7600 English
Melissa Wurfer melissa_wurfer@fuhsd.org 366-7625 Para Educator
Amy Young amy_young@fuhsd.org 366-7634 Choir
Janissa Zahn janissa_zahn@fuhsd.org 366-7600 x 8859 World Language