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2nd Semester Opportunity Week Schedule

The last two weeks of the second semester will follow a different schedule. Staring on May 24 through the end of the year we will be using this opportunity week schedule.


Meet our Students

Monta Vista High School student Sonia Singh


Sonia Singh, Monta Vista High School, Class of 2020

Sonia will be attending New York University, majoring in Political Science

“My biggest piece of advice is to take advantage of every opportunity you can. The best memories I have are from putting myself out there and participating in whatever I could; from playing powderpuff football to organizing homecoming, to auditioning for SNL. Every new activity was a new avenue to be explored within myself and within the school. Monta Vista is also home to some inspiring people that have helped me develop strong core values and traits. I credit my optimism and sense of purpose to Ms. Smith, my physiology teacher and leadership advisor. I credit my sense of progressivism and justice to Ms. Lerner, my biology teacher. And I credit my confidence and leadership skills to Mr. White, Monta Vista vice principal and leadership advisor.”

Monta Vista High School student Brett Park


Brett Park, Class of 2020

Brett will be attending the University of Southern California, majoring in Communications

“Monta Vista is a place I call home. Its inclusive student body, caring staff and welcoming community gave me a sense of belonging that I never felt before. “Inside the classroom, I found myself fully enriched by the diverse knowledge of my peers whose different backgrounds and experiences broadened my perspective. Outside, spirit days and dances gave me something to look forward to in the midst of heavy test weeks. Monta Vista is also where I met Ms. Smith and Mr. White, my Leadership advisors and role models. To me, they embody everything Monta Vista stands for, giving their students nothing but guidance, support and love. It may seem daunting, but high school is a time of self discovery and a place to meet new people. Who knows, by the end of it, you may call it your home."

Monta Vista By The Numbers


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Athletics teams in 20 sports


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National Merit Scholarship semifinalists