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Meet our Students

MVHS student Oishee Misra


Oishee Misra, Class of 2021

Oishee will be attending University of California, San Diego, majoring in Economics

"High school was not what I expected. When I first walked into MVHS as a freshman, I was set on preparing to become a doctor and following a goal-oriented, linear four years. I didn’t anticipate joining Speech and Debate, especially considering I was a really shy, introverted kid, nor did I anticipate falling in love with writing and journalism. I also didn’t anticipate forging so many meaningful relationships with teachers and friends, but talking to and getting to know different people – their passions, pet peeves, loves, dislikes and more – has been the most memorable aspect of my high school years."


MVHS student Nick Hsieh


Nicholas Hsieh, Class of 2021

Nicholas will be attending West Valley College, studying Political Science

"Monta Vista is a place with so many opportunities waiting for you. Your high school time is a time for you to meet new people, find your passions, and witness new experiences. Assistant Principal Mr. White once told me that there are people who make it happen, there are people who watch it happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. I hope that every freshman who walks onto campus is someone who will try to make it happen. I have learned so much from teachers and staff members. Mrs. Chang taught me kindness and the importance of being humble. Ms. Liu taught me understanding and the power of helping others. Mr. Wong taught me reliability and the value of being a sincere listener. Ms. Smith taught me optimism, to have a positive outlook regardless of the situation."

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