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Monta Vista Alma Mater
Hail to thee 'ole MV High
Proud her colors 'ere may fly,
Purple-gold they stand for might,
Teach us to defend the right
Truth and honor never fail
Loyalty will 'ere prevail,
Strong ideals will never die,
Hail to thee 'ole MV High!

Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

We extend a warm welcome to the incoming 9th graders, the class of 2021, as well as other students new to Monta Vista! Welcome back to our continuing students and we look forward to celebrating the graduation of the class of 2018 and sharing a great year with each of you!

Monta Vista continues its commitment in helping students make informed decisions about course choices and extracurricular demands. We want students to not only challenge themselves academically, but appropriately. We want them to find their passion and spend time in activities that bring joy and a sense of satisfaction. We also want students to have valuable personal down time and treasured family time. Over the past few years Monta Vista has implemented some practices to honor personal and family time. AP courses no longer assign summer reading or homework. No homework is assigned over extended breaks (Thanksgiving, December, February, April) that requires the break to complete the work. Final exam schedules have changed so that no day has more than 2 final exams. Many teachers incorporate a “conflict calendar” with hopes of balancing due dates and test dates. This fall we will continue with our two Tutorial days (Monday and Thursday) in which a 30-minute tutorial period is imbedded in the morning for students to seek additional help, work with peers on group projects, do research in the Library, do individual course preparation, as well as other course related activities. We continue to look at ways of engaging students while also honoring their precious adolescence.

Informed decision making extends far beyond the academic and extracurricular arena. We are committed to building an environment of trust, respect, acceptance, and safety. We have chosen the theme “The Power of Words” for the 2017-18 school year, and will involve staff, students and parents in defining and clarifying the values of Monta Vista. We look forward to working with the entire Monta Vista School community to continue the critical work of making MVHS an inclusive, supportive and safe place for all students. We value and honor all students, cherishing the diversity that defines Monta Vista High School and valuing the contributions of our community members. We will continue to look for ways to work with our students on the tenets of respect, inclusion and unity, and to combat hateful conduct and speech. We will continue to partner with the entire District community to ensure that students are provided with a respectful and healthy environment in which they can thrive. Taking care of the whole child involves all aspects of their high school life: health, engagement, support, and challenge. Our school wide learning goals support this mission. It is Monta Vista’s goal to develop good thinkers, information processors, communicators, collaborators, and self-managers, but more importantly, good citizens that are respectful, gracious, appreciative and kind.

Staffing: As is typical of every school year, we have new staff members joining our Monta Vista family. We are excited to welcome them to the Matador family and look forward to sharing their expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment.

Parking/traffic: Traffic congestion continues to be a huge issue around the Monta Vista/Lincoln/Kennedy neighborhoods. We urge you to form carpools with other families and to encourage your students to walk or bike to school. Please follow safe, sane and legal commuting practices, whether as a pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorist. Please do not use the bike lanes as a drop-off zone. We want our cyclists to have safe passage to and from school, and the bike lanes are designated for them! There is no student drop-off or pick-up allowed in the staff parking lot. Thank you for your cooperation! Together we will keep everyone safe.

School website/School communication: The daily bulletin, master calendar of school activities, directory of telephone numbers, guidance information, course outlines, staff/departments, and much more can be found on Monta Vista’s You will find a wealth of information there, including information about our active and generous PTSA and Booster groups.

Welcome to the Monta Vista High School Family! We look forward to seeing you soon.

April Scott

Happy Grads