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Course Selection Info

Courses & Time Management
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Course Registration for 2018-2019 (Infinite Campus) Current MVHS students will be registering for courses through Infinite Campus, an online utility. This document steps through this online registration process. Infinite Campus Registration Info
Course Selection Guide for 2018-2019

A complete list of Fremont Union High School District courses, including paragraph descriptions. Requirements for graduation, as well as requirements for UC, CSU, and Private University admission. College Admission Testing and Planning are also covered. Not all courses are offered at MVHS. For a list of class options, see the list immediately below. Course Guide for District
MVHS Course Offerings for 2018-2019 When students are signing up for courses, they will need to include course names and numbers. This document gives a list of all courses offered (with course number) for the 2018-2019 school year. List of Courses offered at MVHS
FUHSD Career Technical Education (CTE) Courses FUHSD has many opportunities for rigorous, hands-on learning in a variety of industries. This document provides a list of these courses available at different sites in our district. CTE Courses
Time Management Worksheet for 2018-19 This time management activity is a tool for conversation at home between students and parents. We hope it will help students make healthy, informed decisions in regard to requested courses, extra-curricular commitments, and daily living activities for a well-balanced student lifestyle.
Also see the estimated out-of-class workload for each course in the second document at right.
Time Worksheet

Outside Class Work Estimates
Information for 8th Graders
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8th Grade Course Selection Presentation This presentation is meant as an overview for current 8th graders. A timeline for choosing classes is covered, along with a typical 9th grader's schedule and graduation requirements. Specific disciplines (such as English, Math, Science, etc.) are discussed, along with course offerings within each discipline. 8th Grade Presentation
FAQ for 8th Grade Families about High School Math This document was prepared by the Fremont Union High School District for all 5 of our high schools. It addresses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding high school math course selection and placement. 8th Grade Math FAQs
Information for Continuing Students
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Course Selection Presentation for Continuing Students Grade-specific presentations that seek to help parents and students make course selections. Calendars are provided that includes turn-in deadlines, along with an overview of graduation requirements. The various departments and their course offerings are reviewed, along with a list of contact information for the various alpha groups. 9th Grade Presentation

10th Grade Presentation

11th Grade Presentation
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AVID Executive Summary A brief description of the AVID program in general, with a summary of what is covered in each grade level. AVID - Executive Summary
AVID at Monta Vista A brief description of the AVID program at Monta Vista. Discusses the goals of the program and the type of student it serves. AVID at MV
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English Department Presentation A description of English courses offered by Monta High School English Dept Presentation
Decision Matrix for 9th/10th Grade English Courses A description of Freshman/Sophomore English courses. Includes lists of core texts, homework expectations, grading rule breakdowns, and types of assignments. English Frosh/Soph Courses
Decision Matrix for 11th Grade English Courses A description of Junior English courses. Includes lists of core texts, homework expectations, grading rule breakdowns, and types of assignments. English Junior Courses
Decision Matrix for 12th Grade English Courses A description of Senior English courses. Includes lists of core texts, homework expectations, grading rule breakdowns, and types of assignments. English Senior Courses
Math / Computer Science
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MV Math Course Offerings and Paths A presentation that reviews the possible sequences of Math courses at Monta Vista. Computer Science classes are mentioned as Math Electives. Math - Course Selection Information
MV Math Curriculum Sequences A list of possible math course sequences for incoming freshmen, describing the choices available in the math department. Math Classes
AP Computer Science Principles A flier summarizing the AP Computer Science Principles Course. There is also a table comparing the two AP CS courses. AP CS Principles Flier

AP CS A versus AP CS P comparison
Physical Education
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Physical Education in grades 9 and 10 A brief description of the Physical Education courses taught in grades 9 and 10 at MV. The electives for PE 10 are outlined, along with a response to the question: "Why take PE?" PE Courses
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Science Core Curriculum Presentation A presentation about the science curriculum at Monta Vista. This includes an overview of FUHSD graduation requirements, UC and CSU admissions requirements, and recommended class sequences. The courses that follow Biology, including Chemistry, Physics, and Physiology, are discussed. The difference between non-honors, honors, and AP is reviewed. Science Presentation
Which Science Class Should I Take Next Year? Prerequisite courses, recommended grade ranges, key events, and main ideas are compared in this table. Science Course Selection Guide
Information about Physics Courses A slide presentation comparing the physics options and a diagram showing how recommendations work for each course. Physics Course Comparison

Paths for taking different Physics Courses
Information about the STEM Research Course A flyer with information about the Independent STEM Research Course for incoming 9th and 10th graders. How to apply and course outline. STEM Research Course

Form to apply to take STEM Research Course
Social Science
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Social Science Curriculum Presentation A brief presentation describing the social science curriculum at Monta Vista. Sophomores have a choice of World History courses, juniors take US History, and seniors must complete US Government and Economics. The different choices for each year are covered. Social Studies Presentation
American Studies Comparison American Studies is a junior-level course that combines the elements of Regular US History and American Literature. The differences and similarities between these choices are covered. American Studies
AP US History and Regular US History The junior-level courses of AP US History and Regular US History cover many common themes and yet there are also many differences. This document compares these two courses. APUSH and RUSH
Gov AP and Econ AP in Comparison with Gov and Econ The senior-level courses of AP US Gov and US Gov cover many common themes and yet there are also many differences. The same is true for AP Econ and Econ. This document compares these courses. AP Gov, AP Econ, Gov, & Econ